Protect your valuable electronics and appliances against lightning and power surges with utility grade surge protection.


What Causes an Electrical Surge?

Power lines can send surges into your home when they are struck by lightning, downed by car accidents, maintenance mishaps, or restoration of power after an outage can cause voltage spikes that enter your home's wiring system on the way to ground.  Therefore, it's advisable to have a "whole house" surge protector at your meter or in-line surge protection on sensitive electronics.

However, most surge damage is a result of transient voltage generated from within your home.  Large appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators draw a lot of power while running. What happens to that extra electricity when the motor cycles off?  It dissipates throughout the wiring system in your home as it searches for ground.  While these small surges go unnoticed, over time they degrade the circuit boards, shortening the lifespan of your electronics. Therefore, it's advisable to have plug-in "point-of-use" surge protectors at the receptacles that your electronics are plugged into.


Get meter-based surge protection for residential appliances!

For just $6.31 per month, Caney Fork Electric Cooperative can offer added protection to your home's major motor-driven appliances i.e., refrigerator, washer, dryer or air conditioner, against damage due to power surges or near lightning strikes.

The cooperative will install a surge protector on your meter. We also maintain the unit and replace it if it goes bad - there's nothing you have to worry about!


For Electronics

For added protection of most electronics, choose from a one plug to an eight plug model that is perfect for stereo systems, computers, microwave ovens or any other electronic device without additional telephone or cable TV connections.


For Electronics With Phones

For added protection of electronics with phone connections, choose models that have one to eight plugs with telecommunications connections for cordless phones, answering machines/fax machines and computers with modems.


For Electronics with Cable TV

Use these one to eight plug with cord models with coaxial TV protection for TV's and VCR's. Call us for information on satellite receiver protection.