man installing insulation

Recommended Weatherization


Attic R-38 or Vaulted R-19
Floor R-19 or Perimeter R-11
Walls R-15 total wall  
Knee Wall R-19


Heat Pumps

Package Minimum Ratings Seer 14.0
Split Minimum Ratings Seer 14.0


Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Split Minimum Ratings Seer 14.0
Package Minimum Ratings Seer 14.0


All Electric Appliances
Water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and clothes dryer



The windows should not exceed 15% of the exterior conditioned wall area. Windows should have thermal breaks accomplished by thermal pane windows.


  • Caulk sole plate (between wall and foundation)
  • Caulk corner T’s
  • Caulk studs around windows and doors
  • Caulk penetration for utility service through floors, walls and ceilings
  • Caulk around ceiling fixtures
  • Caulk heating and air boots through the floor
  • Caulking, sealant, or glazing materials should be used to prevent the entrance of outside air through doors and windows
  • Weather strip around windows, doors and attic access