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Safety Programs

   Kindergarten - Third Grades - 45 Minutes

    Show "Louie The Lightning Bug" video

  •     Discussion of video
  •     High voltage presentation
  •     Electric Safety

   Fourth - Sixth Grades - 60 Minutes

    Discussion: Basics of Electricity; Discoveries; Inventions; and Changes in Lifestyles Due to Electricity
    Experiments with Static Electricity Using:

  •         Vandergraff Machine
  •         Transformation of Energy
  •         Electromagnetic Field Demonstration
  •         Making Circuits
  •         How to Measure Electricity

    Terms Taught "Zap-Rap" Video


  •         Electrons
  •         Magnetism
  •         Watts
  •         Circuits
  •         Turbines
  •         Generation
  •         Transformers
  •         Conductors
  •         Insulators
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