Home Construction Packet

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you are needing service to (house, mobile home, barn, well, RV/camper)

Refer to current policies and procedures

(36” to the top of conduit) conduit size (3” schedule 40 gray pvc in the ground schedule 80 above ground), sweep 90’s (wide radius), reducer ( 3” to 2“ bell shape reducer , if rock is hit and can’t get sufficient depth on underground ditch, concrete to dirt ratio ( 4” of concrete= 1’ of dirt). 

Underground Service 2023

2 - 8’ ground rods driven 6’ apart, one continuous ground wire from one rod to next.

The State of Tennessee allows a property owner to purchase one set of inspections per year as long as it is not commercial. Go to https://core.tn.gov for electrical permits. If you need help with State Electric & Building Permits, you may use an Issuing Agent: • Tracy (England) Fowler / 931-316-3955 (call or text) / tfowler2022@yahoo.com      

No, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s UL listed and if it’s for an underground service it must have a stamped 3” knock out.  It cannot be altered or the electrical inspector will fail the inspection due to tampering.

Once all member requirements are met, jobs are put in line for construction and are built in the order that they are received.  Jobs can be delayed if there is bad weather or if the property is too wet for our equipment to operate efficiently.