1. Purpose
    The annual meeting of CFEC members is held on Saturday before the third Sunday in October. The annual meeting is for the business of electing directors and considering any new or old business. In order to conduct business, we must have a quorum which is 2% of the total membership or 100 members, whichever is less.


  2. Promotion
    The members are encouraged to come and be a part of the annual meeting. Advertising is done through radio, newspaper, and an official notice of the annual meeting appears in The Tennessee Magazine. Refreshments, entertainment, and gifts are provided before the meeting. Door prizes are given away at the conclusion of the meeting.

At a Caney Fork Electric Cooperative annual meeting, a duly executed proxy must be presented for an individual to vote for the membership of a corporation, partnership, church, charitable organization, legal partnership or governmental entity. Please see more information below under "Qualifications to Vote". Proxy forms are here for your convenience:

Partnership Corporation Non-Profit


Guidelines For Voting

Caney Fork Electric Cooperative is required to operate according to certain rules and regulations known as bylaws. These rules are specific regarding the eligibility of voting members.

If the membership is in the name of a deceased individual, no surviving family member can vote in the deceased person’s name. When a member dies, that membership terminates. However, we can easily process a valid request to change a membership from the name of the deceased person to that of the nonmember spouse. Once the change is processed, the new member can vote.

Joint Membership. A husband and wife, by specifically so requesting in writing, may be accepted into joint membership or, if one of them is already a member, may automatically convert such membership into a joint membership.  The words "member", "applicant", "person", "his", and "him" as used in these Bylaws, shall include a husband and wife applying for or holding a joint membership, unless otherwise clearly distinguished in the text; and all provisions relating to the rights, powers, terms, conditions, obligations, responsibilities and liabilities of membership shall apply equally, severally and jointly to them. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing - 

(a) The presence at a meeting of either or both shall constitute the presence of one member and a joint waiver of notice of the meeting;

(b) the vote of either or both shall constitute, respectively, one joint vote; PROVIDED, if both present but in disagreement on such vote, each shall cast only one-half (1/2) vote;

(c) notice to, or waiver of notice signed by, either or both shall constitute, respectively, a joint notice or waiver of notice;

(d) suspension or termination in any manner of either shall constitute suspension or termination of the joint membership;

(e) either, but not both concurrently, shall be eligible to serve as a Director of the Cooperative, but only if both meet the qualifications required therefor; and

(f) neither will be permitted to have any additional service connections except through their one joint membership unless such already existed as an individual membership prior to creation of the joint membership.

Qualifications To Vote